A downloadable game for Android

A simple, free, bowling game for up to 4 players.


-Flick you finger across the screen to throw the ball.
-The speed of your flick determines the speed of your throw.
-Tilt your screen to curve the ball.

v 1.6
-New skybox
-New pins
-improved visuals (lighting, skybox reflection)
-Improved throw mechanics
-improved tilt/spin control
-Reduced ball speed
-Different balls for multiple players (non-selectable)
-Larger scoreboard
-Audio balance
-Sound effects slider
-Reduced scene switching between menus

Bug fixes:
-Improved collisions
-No bugged pins remaining in lane
-Turkey and Double messages now account for multiple players
-Back button no longer pauses the splash screen


Super! 10-Pin Bowling for Android 36 MB

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